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Welcome to pawstep, the official wolf role-play website to Balto's website warrior cats: a new pawstep ( ALL NEW MEMBERS SHOULD READ THIS WHOLE PAGE AS IT WILL BE CRUCIAL TO UNDERSTANDING! If you do not understand something feel free to message me, but if the answer is on this home screen I will simply send you back here.




  •  you can not be a top wolf or a element wolf without me approving it.
  • you can not god modd
  • No swearing...
  • No arguing with admin or with moderators it will not end well.
  • The moon (a wolf that lives outside the pack but is still apart of the pack,chosen by the leader...) chooses who is the next top wolf.
  • but besides that have fun :)


What is the main hunting ground?

This a patch of land that the pack's cycle through depending on the season. During winter, winterpack gets it, during summer, summerpack gets it and etc. It is one of the most prey rich lands.

Positions (of the seasonal packs)

It has come to my attention that some of the positions are not clear in themselves, so I am here to shed light on what each position means, you see I based many of the positions on things I saw in the movie Alpha and Omega (if you never saw it you should) here are the positions..

Top wolf: The leader of the pack, can be male or female though its usually male, guides the pack and is the one to initiate battles (please don't until you get site owner or admin permission though.) Decided the new moon when the moon dies.

Moons: This wolf is one that doesn't live in the main den but rather outside of the pack, but they are still apart of the back do remember. They are like the Second in command and who wolves goto for spiritual guidance. Both the moon and the top wolf are highly connected in the spiritual world. The moon also decided the new top wolf when the previous top wolf dies, but is never top wolf themselves.

 Elemental wolf: These wolves have power over their aspect and each pack has one element wolf.

Summerpack: wolf of the water

Fallpack: wolf of fire

winterpack: wolf of earth

summerpack: wolf of wind

 These wolves are believed by their pack to be cursed to only bring destruction and misfortune to the pack due to the fact that they only arise when something chaotic is about to happen. Elemental wolves can have another position.

 Alpha's: higher trained wolves, these are the wolves that go and fight, they are the top of their litter.

 Omega's: lower trained wolves, these were the lower of their litter, they hunt, alpha's can hunt also but omega's do most the hunting.

Trainers: wolves that train the trainings.

Trainings: you are either an alpha training or omega training, these are pups who begin learning the ways of the pack.

 Pups: new born wolves

Mother: female wolves that are nurturing pups (I AM MAKING NO EXCEPTION TO THE FEMALE PART!!!!)